British Engineering Heritage

The Demtruk was originally created by British engineering enthusiast David Parkin in 1982. It was designed to solve the problem of enabling secure and effective portability to office printer field sales agents for their mobile customer demonstrations. Ever since its establishment, Demtruk has continued to service a niche market in the equipment handling sector, providing its one-of-a-kind single person operation solution to customers looking to transport heavy goods.

 David Parkin 1982

Tried and Tested

From these humble beginnings, Demtruk has expanded its reach and won favour in many new markets.

From the floors of catering services and artisan coffee houses to printer and engineering equipment, the rock-solid reliability and time-tested simplicity of this heavy equipment trolley has found devoted fans worldwide.

We’d like to innovate how you move your gear by making it safer, smoother and pain-free..